T-enCino Ranch Rules



 No smoking in the cabin

 During the hunt, blood drawn counts as your animal whether or not it is found

 No harvest quota sharing of big game and turkeys; if you get your bag limit your hunt is over even though your buddy hasnít harvested all of his

 Observe all local, state, and federal laws

 There will be no whitetail doe hunting from the vehicle

 No hunting from the cabin

 Respect the land Ė donít leave trash while hunting

 Observe gun safety Ė unload guns in camp and in transit

 Always be sure of your target; donít shoot something you donít want to pay for

 No alcohol while hunting

 Donít leave your stand until the designated time

 Gates Ė close behind you what you open

 Always be aware for rattlesnakes and tics (esp. the rattlesnakes)

 Any shed antlers found must remain at the cabin or on ranch

 If using the stove heater, donít overload the wood burning stove.† Never fill over ĺ full and when the fire is burning sufficiently, close the damper.† There will still be enough air draw for it to heat up well.

 Enjoy your visit

Extra Dove hunting rules


 Respect the land Ė donít leave trash while hunting including empty hulls and cigarettes

 Always be sure of your target Ė never shoot below the horizon

 Absolutely no hunting from the vehicle

 Please donít target practice on any structures or other animals on the ranch

 Remain in your designated hunting area while on ranch

 Always be aware for rattlesnakes and tics

 Please have a good time